Leaders In Aircraft Services & Integrated Fleet Support


Focusing on quality and providing economically sound solutions to both airlines and OEMs, ComAv Technical Services’ aircraft storage facility can host in excess of 500 aircraft, with ample ramp and hangar space that can cost in excess of 20 aircraft for transitional maintenance and an aircraft disassembly facility at which 12 aircraft can be processed simultaneously.

ComAv Technical Services is an FAA 145 Repair Station and EASA certified aircraft and engine short- or long-term storage, transitional maintenance, heavy maintenance, and disassembly service provider, with over 22 years of service boasting a major workforce of full-time licensed Airframe and Power Plant mechanics. ComAv is also the winner of the coveted FAA Diamond award for 15 years and is the most experienced company in the world for aircraft storage and transitional maintenance, having transitioned over several thousand aircraft and engines.


Heavy Maintenance Capabilities & Framework

  • Heavy Checks in Hangar
  • Airport Port of Entry for US Customs
  • 15,000-foot runway and 9,000-foot runways with full instrument approach capability
  • FBO Services with Contract Fuel
  • Hanger and Ramp space for any aircraft, including A380
  • 500+ Aircraft Storage Facility

In-House Capabilities

  • Aircraft and Engine Storage and Preservation
  • Active Storage Solutions with the Required Maintenance
  • Aircraft and Engine Re-activation
  • Transitional Maintenance
  • Aircraft Modifications
  • Light or Heavy Maintenance including Structural
  • Engine Preservation, Inspection, & Storage
  • Full AOG Support including Engineering
  • Material Certification
  • End-of-Life Aircraft Disassembly
  • Off-site Aircraft Recovery
  • OEM Flight Test Support
  • Aircraft, Engine and Component Distribution Services

Other Services

  • Records / AD Research / Records Data Conversion FAA Approved Aircraft & Engine Storage Programs A, B and C Check Capability
  • Special Project Support
  • Quick Response Team for providing service at remote locations Aircraft Recovery
  • Onsite, we also have paint facilities available through International Aerospace Coatings (IAC) for narrow & widebody capabilities
  • Aircraft & Engine Reactivations Ferry Flight Services
  • Drop-In Maintenance Support Aircraft Disassembly’s
  • Aircraft and Materials Management Solutions Aircraft and Engine Leasing

Aircraft Modifications & Repair

We have completed several modifications & repairs on all aircraft types. It is our goal to ensure safe and timely management of resources and to minimize downtime maximizing capabilities.

Aircraft Type Structure Modifications

  • Airbus Interior & Exterior
  • McDonnell Douglas Interior & Exterior
  • Boeing Interior & Exterior

Other Modifications

  • Skin Replacements
  • Skin Repairs
  • Wing Spars
  • 727 Chords
  • ​Frame Replacements
  • Seat Tracks
  • Galley Modifications
  • Winglets
  • Window Frame Replacements
  • Wi-fi Modifications


Our skilled technicians have experienced in the all facets of avionics technology. In addition to our heavy maintenance capabilities our personnel will install, repair, inspect and troubleshoot all systems for operation.

Our avionics capablities include:

  • Pitot/Static troubleshooting and repair
  • FAR 91.411 & 91.413 Testing and certification
  • ADS-B testing
  • Communications Upgrades
  • LOPA wiring changes
  • IFE Modifications
  • ELS/EHS modifications to include but not limited to 8.33 FM immune
  • AD and associated SB implementation.
  • Testing and 8130 issuance of main and APU batteries (SAFT and Marathon)
  • In-depth troubleshooting of complex aircraft Avionics systems

Short & Long Term Storage

Exceeding Industry Standards + Tax Exempt Zone

Aircraft + Engine Storage

One of the Largest premier Aircraft Storage Locations in the USA. Located in Southern California, the dry climate and low humidity make our location ideal for aircraft preservation.

+ Engineered Hard Surface Parking Area
+ Available Space for over 500+ Aircraft 
+ Available Space for over 300+ Engines 
+ Supporting All Aircraft Types 
+ AMT's with over 21+ Yrs Experience In Storage Programs
+ Short & Long Term Redeployment Strategies 
+ Fully controlled TSA Secure Storage Locations 
+ 24/7 Patrolled Airport Security 
+ Tax Exempt Zone

Supporting all aircraft types, our goal is to provide maximum value for airlines and lessors through who are looking for short-term redeployment strategies or long-term end of life solutions.

Our 240 acre, hard surface parking area is inside the TSA regulated airport operating area. Each included parking pad is fully engineered and stressed to support the footprint of the heaviest, fully fueled commercial aircraft to prevent damage and protect the environment.

Disassembly Programs

Having completed over 1,000 aircraft disassembly projects, CTS has disassembled most aircraft types across the Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed, and McDonnell Douglas lines. Our disassembly facility is able to handle 12 aircraft simultaneously, and on average our teams disassemble over 60 airframes annually.

As part of the ComAv suite of Integrated Solutions, we provide certain inspection and certification services as well, a clear advantage for our customers looking to harvest material for their fleets.

ComAv’s Southern California facilities have performed hundreds of aircraft and engine disassembly projects inside our fully controlled airport. As one of the founding members of AFRA and accredited members, our skilled technicians utilize the best environmental practices and technical solutions for your disassembly project.

FBO Fueling

Partnered with our onsite FBO and contracts, we provide 24/7 aviation fuel services at our VCV location for private, military, and commercial aircraft.

  • Av Fuel
  • Defueling Services
  • Refueling Services
  • Lavatory servicing
  • Potable Water Servicing

Engine Services

ComAv's Engine Center of Excellence

We manage more than 250 engines for 3rd parties in a dedicated engine storage facility. Placing engines on lease or managing the disassembly of engines and the sale of the disassembled parts

Full service engine preservation and storage capabilities:

  • MPA runs and boroscopes
  • Engines removals and preservations
  • Engine depreservations and installs
  • Engine storage in an ideal climate

Aircraft Recycling

As an accredited and founding member of AFRA, we are dedicated to best practices for aircraft green recycling during its end of life process. As a global leader in aircraft recycling, we value sustainability as we continue to meet strict regulations that protect the environment and provide premier services.

Our experienced technicians follow strict guidelines through ComAv’s aircraft & engine recycling processes.

Our technicians will begin by removing all components and providing a detailed log of all inventory to our clients.

Our in-house Crating & Packaging Complex, also ISPM-15 certified, will customize wooden crates & wrappings for all components to guarantee top-tier quality and safety standards.

Our dedicated ASA and AS9120 warehousing & inventory control facilities are ideal for component storage. All materials are carefully sorted and sent to designated green recycling centers.

Special Project Support

Utilizing it's Part 145, EASA, and other specific certifications, CTS has been able to provide out-of-the-box technical solutions for customers.

We provide complete support for many STC modifications, flight test activities, and out-of-the-box test programs. Our Special Project customers include many of the largest development, testing, and manufacturing companies.

Recent Projects Include:

+ OEM Flight Test Support Programs
+ Missile Defense Test Programs
+ LOPA Reconfigurations
+ IFE Installations