Integrated Solutions

The ComAv Suite of Integrated Solutions

ComAv Asset Management and ComAv Technical Solutions work together to offer an industry-first, a fully bespoke Integrated Solution designed to maximum value for airlines and lessors who are looking for short-term redeployment strategies or long-term end-of-life solutions for their aviation assets.

Several of the world’s most recognized airlines currently work with ComAv taking full advantage of the Integrated Solutions menu of services, including transitioning aviation assets in long-term storage into financial gain through the induction of aircraft and engines into the end-of-life program, with harvesting certified material for their operational inventory and consignment of the remaining material into the ComAv Asset Management inventory.

  • Material Harvesting
  • Continued Time Serviceable Material Programs (CTSM)
  • Custom Crating & Packaging
  • Special Projects Support
  • End - Of - Life Programs
  • Consigment Programs

Material Harvesting

As part of the ComAv suite of Integrated Solutions, we provide certain inspection and certification services as well, a clear advantage for our customers looking to harvest material for their fleets.

Consignment Programs

  • Serviceable As Removed (SAR) support and processing
  • Material management, enhancement, and sales agreement
  • Engine and APU consignment management, enhancement, and sales
  • AOG and AOM support utilizing SV material located in VCV
  • VCV (serviceable material and APU rotables)
  • VCV storage and processing
  • Off-Wing Engine maintenance (storage program)
  • Aircraft storage (long, short, and transitional)
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Special Projects support

Continued Time Serviceable Material Program (CTSM)

As part of the ComAv Suite of solutions, we also offer our customized CTSM program as part of our menu of services.

+ Airframe Disassembly +
Provide a breakout ROM for 145 part removal & work-scopes. All work-scopes will be refined for specific aircraft & requirement 

+ Continued Time Serviceable Material Expertise +
Extensive expertise in material and disassembly programs. This has contributed hundreds of millions in cost savings and benefits to our customers. Working directly with the quality and maintenance departments, developing processes & systems approved by the customers QA, MX, FAA, and EASA.  Key metrics track the value and success of these programs. Evaluated & documented drivers for success, proper inspection, cleaning of material to ensure the elimination of individual part rejection or failure from the program. Developed process and capability to keep aircraft available for follow on removals, for 2 years, for response to unusual, customer-specific, and AOG requests. Developed systems and processes to provide Just In Time (JIT) material warehouse and delivery to the customer’s system, lowering administration costs and response time to AOG requests 24/7.

+ Material Marketing & Value Enhancement +
Developed asset management strategies & processes to maximize the value and yield on the material harvested. This includes,
Repair of specific parts that are not continued time serviceable, for the benefit of the customer.
Sale to third parties as material as defined as excess for the customer's specific requirement.

+ Supporting Unique Customer Requirements / Yield Enhancements +
Been involved in value enhancement strategies consistent with test concepts of harvesting material for non-aviation uses such as loyal customers and other customer programs. Significant experience working with movie and advertising productions, creating “airframe and engine art” in collaboration with companies focused on creative content. Experienced with handling all logistics of this operation and process and including harvesting individual pieces. Also, coordinating the shipment and processing of items for third-party refinement or preparation, then receiving, stocking, and re-distribution of the product as directed by the customer.

End-of-Life Programs

We will transition your aviation assets in long-term storage into financial gain through the induction of aircraft and engines, as well as consignments programs.

+ Aircraft & Engine Inductions

+ Consignment Programs

+ Disassembly

+ Aircraft Recycling

+ Long Term Storage

Custom Crating & Packaging

Our 145 has its own in-house, custom crating facility that can provide crates for any inventory

Our crating & packaging facilities offer a broad menu of customized services that supports custom crating, packaging & shipping solutions for the aerospace industry. With over 22 years of experience, our engineering specialists provide specialized capabilities to ensure every request is tailored to your needs.

The services we provide here include designing part-specific shipping fixtures to stabilize and protect the item during shipping and storage. We measure the part requested, design a suitable crate or pallet, and if needed custom stands and cradles to stabilize during movement. We protect the part by using special packing material and secure the part to the shipping fixture by using ratchet straps, banding, or strapping material. In special circumstances, we can expedite the construction of the shipping fixture and we are available 24/7 for AOG or priority one needs. We have the capability to build any size crate or pallet.

  • Crating
  • Standard
  • Hybrid
  • Heavy Duty
  • Skeleton Crates
  • Palletts
  • Two Way Palletts
  • Standard Block Pallets
  • HD Pallets
  • Double- Stack Pallets

We are an ISPM 15 certified. As a leading provider of packaging & crating solutions, our experts have comprehensive knowledge of all crating requirements undergoing monthly inspections for compliance.

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