ComAv - Simplifying Integrated Solutions
ComAv Integrated Solutions

Technical Services

Specializing in storage, transitional maintenance, re-activation, and end-of-life solutions for aviation assets.

ComAv Technical Services

Integrated Solutions

The combined ComAv® services provide maximum value for airlines and lessors who are looking for short-term redeployment strategies or long-term end of life solutions.

ComAv Asset Management

Asset Management

Specializing in the management of Aviation Assets, including component and power plant sales and leasing, and consignment inventory management.

ComAv Asset Management and ComAv Technical Services together offer an industry first, a fully integrated solution for asset owners wishing to maximize value and return while managing short storage and reactivation or long term storage and end of life solutions. Ideally located in Victorville, California at the Southern California Logistics Airport, ComAv’s aircraft storage facility can host in excess of 500 aircraft, with ample ramp and hanger space that can host in excess of 20 aircraft for transitional maintenance, and an aircraft disassembly facility at which 12 aircraft can be processed simultaneously. The 300,000 square feet of warehouse space, a strong network of end-user and MRO customers, and close proximity to LAX for 24/7 global logistics support makes the ComAv Asset Management facility an ideal surplus inventory or end-of-life solution to maximize asset value.

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